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Feb 05

Who needs a website…when you can have an online business

Posted by Ray Sanford

In the past, the focus of many web-development teams was directed at the visual appeal of the site and, depending on the business, a SEO strategy to increase page rankings. Considering that most of the business folks just wanted to leave the website to the techies, this was a natural development. The problem with this method is that users who landed on the site didn’t always see a lot of substance behind the graphics. Without engaging material, they quickly moved on.

At the same time, the “real” business behind the website didn’t really get a lot of value from these websites either. The attractive pages did serve to give the company an online presence and a cool URL to print on business cards and company letterhead, but no one was sure what else it did. Without a reliable measurement tool, it was a shot in the dark for many operations.

The Adobe Business Catalyst platform is changing how the world thinks about websites. In fact, its mission is not to build cutting-edge websites like so many other products promise; the goal of the Business Catalyst platform is to achieve your ultimate goal: building a thriving online business that attracts customers and generates revenue. With this plan, you won’t sacrifice a thing. Because Adobe, the leading provider of design-related software, is the driving force behind the Business Catalyst, your website will still look great!

Let’s take a look at what your business will get when you go with a hosted E-Commerce system created by Sanford Web Systems powered by Business Catalyst:

  • Integrated Content Management – With this feature, you can concentrate on delivering just the right message to your customer without worrying about how you will deliver it. Again, you don’t compromise a thing – you’ll still get all the benefits of SEO strategies, Flash, CSS, and more but without the coding hassles.
  • Turn-key E-Commerce – This is what you’re really looking for! Setting up an online store can be a complicated process. With a fully-hosted platform, you’re up and running right out of the box. In addition to making your life easier, a smooth-running online business will make your customers happier and more likely to purchase from you time and again.
  • An Integrated Customer Database – Of course, you want to get to know your customers like any good shopkeeper. With this user-friendly customer database, you’ll know everything you need to know without a lot of clutter to get in your way – all without the first bit of coding on your part.
  • Seamless Email Marketing – Who just waits around for their customers to return? Even brick-and-mortar stores send out special offers and promotional material. This email tool integrates with that great customer database to put this important information to work. With a little reminder about how great your products are, your customers will keep walking through your online door to make new purchases.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Analytics is more than just the hot new buzzword in the E-Commerce game. Without the right information organized to tell you what you really need to know, you don’t have a firm foundation of knowledge to use as a basis for your decisions. With this tool, you’ll always be sure about your future direction.

Isn’t it about time that you made the jump from a mere website to a full-featured online business?


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