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About us

We provide business websites. And more… Whether it’s advertising, collateral, or websites, we approach each assignment in an organized and methodical manner.

No matter how complex the problem, we assemble the best team of professionals to provide a cost-effective solution. We only work with associates who are passionate and creative with a track record of success.

The top 7 things we hear from clients:

“Hey, Ray, our business needs a website.”

All your competitors have websites. All your friends have websites. Hell, your mom probably has a website. But you’re afraid it’s too expensive. Or too complicated. Or both. Fact is, it’s a lot simpler and less expensive than you may have heard.

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“Hey, Ray, our current site sucks.”

Your website was state of the art back in 1997. Or it was designed by your brother-in-law or your nephew. Or you know it needs a little oomph, but you’re not quite sure what oomph is. We can fix it.

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“Hey, Ray, do we need a blog or a website?”

Blogs are simple, single page websites. So simple, in fact, that you can probably use a template to design one yourself. Without the expense of hiring us.

If you want to get a little fancier and make a blog part of your website, we can help. For example, we could design a blog page called "News" that features all the latest stuff about your company. It can be so simple that almost anyone can update its content weekly, daily or even hourly.

We do the difficult stuff. You do the simple stuff. And we both go home happy.

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“Hey, Ray, we can’t keep up with the changes.”

Your site is hunky-dory. It looks fabulous. Everybody says so. But the world has changed and your website hasn’t. If you need help keeping your website current, we can help. With our system from Adobe Business Catalyst, you can make most updates yourself. And we can build Web Apps for those data gathering chores that you used to do manually. So, Updates is our middle name. (Legal disclosure: my middle name isn't really “Updates.” Saying “updates is my middle name” is what’s known as literary license). 

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“Hey, Ray, we don’t know SEO from CIA.”

No problemo, señor. Think of me as the CEO of SEO. A lot of website guys try to make search engine optimization as incomprehensible as string theory. It isn’t. Google is your friend. We can do some very simple things to drive more people to your site. For the more complicated campaigns that’ll organically move you up the search engine listings (no paid ads), we work with a one of the top firms in the country.

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“Hey, Ray, who’s going to write our website?”

We work lean and mean. That’s just a figure of speech. I’m not mean and I’m far from lean, but you get the idea. If there’s something we can’t do, we have friends.

For example, two friends are top advertising writers who’ve won every award in the world. Another is a hotshot photographer.

The point is, whether it’s concept, copy or photos, we only use top people. And since they're part of our virtual team, you don’t pay for their overhead when they’re not working on your site.

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“Hey, Ray, thanks”

This is actually the most common thing we hear from clients. But modesty demanded that we put it last. 

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